The #SelfishSomethingist is Finished … or Is It?

You may (or may not) remember a post from early August in which I agreed to undertake Ra Avis\’ #somethingist challenge?I did.However, despite my self-proclaimed brilliance at deciding to cross off each item as it was completed, I realized nearly all 30 somethingists were addressed on Facebook. If you don\’t follow me, or if you do and tend to get caught up in all my rabbit trails and other bits of sharing, such as snippets of dreams, photos of the monsters, and sundry whats-its, you may have missed a few.So as to assist your insatiable curiosity, I have gone back and compiled them all, in order, for you here. Simply click each link and be whisked promptly to the associated somethingist.Enjoy!1.    Something unfinished (done, 12 September 2016)2.    Something unlikely (done, 12 September 2016)3.    Something true (done, 12 August 2016)4.    Something invisible (done, 22 August 2016)5.    Something damaged (done, 31 August 2016)6.    Something possible (done, 16 August 2016)7.    Something displaced (done, 12 August 2016)8.    Something shocking (done, 7 September 2016)9.    Something substantial (done, 6 August 2016)10.    Something fragile (done, 3 September 2016)11.    Something temporary (done, 6 September 2016)12.    Something surprising (done, 15 August 2016)13.    Something strong (done, 9 August 2016)14.    Something illuminated (done, 8 September 2016)15.    Something dangerous (done, 8 August 2016)16.    Something secret (done, 29 August 2016)17.    Something foretelling (done, 4 September 2016)18.    Something obvious (done, 30 August 2016)19.    Something celebratory (done, 17 August 2016)20.    Something repaired (done, 10 August 2016)21.    Something terrifying (done 14 August 2016)22.    Something lucky (done 1 September 2016)23.    Something suspicious (done, 3 August 2016)24.    Something healing (done, 4 August 2016)25.    Something silly (done, 5 August 2016)26.    Something far (done 13 August 2016)27.    Something near (done, 21 August 2016)28.    Something open (done, 7 August 2016)29.    Something closed (done, 28 August 2016)30.    Something overdone (done, 2 September 2016)There are a few blog posts mixed in for good measure. And if you don\’t follow me on Facebook, that\’s a problem! Do so to join in the madness …

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