Something Persnickety This Way Comes …

Web hosting, right?Yeah, it\’s that time and my current (read: soon-to-be-former) host has obviously lost its mind and mistaken me for someone with cash monies. I am in the process of transferring the Cave to a new hosting site, which in theory, should not disturb you.However.If you know anything about these processes, such may not be the exact situation. To that end, do not be surprised if you wake up one day and yet again, the Cave looks different.Or posts are missing.Or something.Persnickety I said from the start.Sigh.

One comment on “Something Persnickety This Way Comes …

  1. Hope the move goes smoothly for you Sis.LOL “persnickety” I just love that word. It has a lovely sound as it rolls off your tongue 😀

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