A Selfish #Somethingist

Have you ever met a person who is filled from top to bottom with wisdom, but he or she never makes others feel empty of it?I\’ve met a few.One was my former father-in-law, Roy Neal. I\’m determined to create one T-shirt with a favorite saying of his on it … I need to figure out the graphic and then it\’s on.The other is the inspiration for this post by Ra. Dave was one of these people. He had answers, he had vision, and he shared them often.Ra mentioned in this post that some people were joining her on a 30-day challenge. Selfishly, I glanced over the list and identified a couple items that I think are in process. However, instead of replying with a hearty I\’m in! I asked Ra to give me a poke around the holidays to see if I\’d actually accomplished anything.I did say selfish twice thus far, so don\’t judge.I then decided to post the list here and indicate which are the \’still cooking on low\’ items and which others might be attained with relative ease, meaning I have no excuses for posting my own progress without poking.Hopefully.Please check on me as you know I can be a bit of a flake. Hush — no one asked you to clarify …Anyway, here without further muss and fuss from me is the list:

1.    Something unfinished (done, 12 September 2016)2.    Something unlikely (done, 12 September 2016)3.    Something true (done, 12 August 2016)4.    Something invisible (done, 22 August 2016)5.    Something damaged (done, 31 August 2016)6.    Something possible (done, 16 August 2016)7.    Something displaced (done, 12 August 2016)8.    Something shocking (done, 7 Septembr 2016)9.    Something substantial (done, 6 August 2016)10.    Something fragile (done, 3 September 2016)11.    Something temporary (done, 6 September 2016)12.    Something surprising (done, 15 August 2016)13.    Something strong (done, 9 August 2016)14.    Something illuminated (done, 8 September 2016)15.    Something dangerous (done, 8 August 2016)16.    Something secret (done, 29 August 2016)17.    Something foretelling (done, 4 September 2016)18.    Something obvious (done, 30 August 2016)19.    Something celebratory (done, 17 August 2016)20.    Something repaired (done, 10 August 2016)21.    Something terrifying (done 14 August 2016)22.    Something lucky (done 1 September 2016)23.    Something suspicious (done, 3 August 2016)24.    Something healing (done, 4 August 2016)25.    Something silly (done, 5 August 2016)26.    Something far (done 13 August 2016)27.    Something near (done, 21 August 2016)28.    Something open (done, 7 August 2016)29.    Something closed (done, 28 August 2016)30.    Something overdone (done, 2 September 2016)

How convenient that the first two items are the ones still cooking. I think. Which means the remaining 28 should be easy … uh huh.And never one to follow directions, I shall go about these in my own order.Ra is an Instagram guru. I have it but look at it kinda like a fax machine: I see that it works, but I don\’t understand the magic behind it. Therefore, check my Facebook regular feed for #selfishsomethingist posts. First one will be up in a bit and I will cross them off here as I go along.If I remember.It will take more than 30 days, I reckon, but you\’ve hung around for this long, what\’s a little longer, right?

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    1. I am going to do them. Yes. That’s the plan … 😀 I will come back and cross them off as they get done. Decided to date each as well. I’ll be posting on my Facebook regular feed each time I get one accomplished!

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