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VisDare 147: Apocalypse Yesterday

I was locked in. I mean, it could have been worse. Sure, it\’s a preschool, but there are cots and blankets. Had I realized things would get this bad, I would\’t have eaten all the snacks so quickly. Those pouches of applesauce and cookies could have sustained me for a while.The air has become rancid. I modified some junk in the nurse\’s office and that\’s helped. From what I heard on the radio, it\’s much worse outside. Their calling it \’The Apocalypse\’, even though no one is sure what actually happened.It\’s been three months already, even though it feels like yesterday. There\’s nothing left to eat but the radio announcer said there\’s fish in the sewer. If I don\’t catch anything, I think I saw a service hatch: I\’ll go down there and see if I can get closer to the source.I\’ll survive.For a while longer.\"3e3327dc28160167a8b03656cc8e60e5\"

I had a conversation a few days back about The Culling. No, not the movie or the game, but the notion that with increased global temperatures, our entire electric grid will fail and many will not survive until it is repaired. Yeah, good times, right? This photo was quite timely to that discussion, so I offer 150 words on the mark in homage to the idea of what happens after the disaster, whatever it might be …Click the image to pop over to the prompt and add your thoughts.

One comment on “VisDare 147: Apocalypse Yesterday

  1. Oh dear…what an option – starvation or e-coli. Maybe he could find resources in the pre-school and make a slingshot and get himself a bird or two 😉

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