DIYMFA QOTW #16: Dear Writer, Phone Home


Yeah, selfish to shout that, isn\’t it?However, as Gabriela mentioned in her post to us this week, it is important for every writer to have a place he or she can call \’home\’ (so excuse the distant and potentially obscure outside my head \’ET\’ reference in the title …). While there is nothing wrong with hopping from page to page, visiting other writers\’ blogs or social media spaces, if you don\’t have an X-marks-the-spot for yourself, you are something of a hectographical┬áhobo. Okay, not exactly, since \’hectography\’ is defined as the process for producing multiple copies of writing, but hopefully, you get my point. I wanted a word that started with \’h\’ for the alliteration, okay? Don\’t judge. (If you\’d like a list of unusual words for your fancy wordplay, visit here.)Anyway, the point is, every writer needs a cave of their own.\"creepy-darkness-girl-hands-hole-favim-com-245552\"Actually, my rural cave is quite cozy. The entrance doesn\’t say much, but it\’s bigger on the inside than it is just there. If that\’s not your style, maybe the suburban digs are more to your liking:\"19.1\"Oh, dear … I\’ve wandered off the point, haven\’t I?Not really.This space, right here — One Starving Activist — is my home. My writer\’s cave. Note that it contains all the pertinents — my regular interruptions to your life (called my writing posts and flash fiction responses), updates about my published stuff, and how to contact me. There are a few other tidbits along the way as well. I started with a free WordPress site and eventually went with my own \’dot-com\’ for your immense enjoyment (and to satisfy my tech geekiness by allowing me to change themes and so on at a whim).Where is your writer\’s home? What can we find if we visit? Be sure to share a link in comments and if you haven\’t \’liked\’ another writer\’s home base lately, take a moment to do so today! 

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