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VisDare 145: Escape Artist

\’They\’ll never follow me into the wheat; no one runs purposely into the wheat,\’ he thought to himself. The story had been spread through his village for centuries: there were monsters in the wheat. But he knew differently after following a rabbit one summer day. He\’d found himself at what could pass for a trail head and, seeing the rabbit bounding happily along it, had chosen to follow. The sounds of the village receded and ahead was … something else. He emerged into a bustling expanse of people, the likes of which he\’d never seen before. Soon, he was immersed in the new experience, having found others his age. They urged him to stay and as he thought about his miserable life in the village, he knew what he had to do. A last goodbye to his chums and he\’d take the path once again.\"24329fdbca2bfb38bff9bc73b97f677f\"

On the 4th of July, Syfy channel ran the Twilight Zone marathon. Just like they do every holiday. Of course, I had it on all day. I offer my 141 words for this week\’s VisDare (click the image to visit the prompt for yourself) in honor of the \’Bewitchin Pool\’ episode. I was convinced for years that Mary Badham, who voices Sport, was the voice of Rocky (Rocky and Bullwinkle fame), but alas, it seems not to be so. Oh, well — great episode, nonetheless!

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