A Good (and inexpensive!) Read!

What timing … after the post from the other day about what\’s on your reading list, the Cave Mistress has an offer you shouldn\’t refuse: a good book that\’s on sale! This is a limited thing, so don\’t dawdle.Last year, I reviewed Freshmen, the first book in The Felix Chronicles. If you visit that link, you\’ll see the short plug I offered for my Goodreads review; since changing my blog theme, you can\’t see the links, but hover your mouse over the book title and you\’ll see it.In case you didn\’t jump on the opportunity to pick up a copy at that time, you can do so now for pennies. Literally, 99 of them. Freshmen is available for a few days at 99 cents. Visit here to go the Amazon page and grab yours. While you\’re at it, do the combo pack and get the second book as well. I\’m reading it now, so another review is coming soon …

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