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Life\’s Mysteries … Part Two

I didn\’t understand any of it. The newspaper clipping, the letters — it had to be a mistake, right? But it was addressed to me. I asked the few family I had contact with if they knew a great uncle Jules, but no one could recall. None of them did a lot of reading, so there was no use asking if anyone knew about the \’Strange find at William Forest Park\’ story from the small slip of preserved newsprint.A few weeks and life\’s irritations later, I\’d nearly forgotten about the envelope. I took a break from trying to unclog the sink drain to check the mail. After all, the day couldn\’t get much worse.The only item in the box was another manila envelope. My breath caught in my throat because I recognized it. The post mark, the wording: it was just like the last one, but thicker. I hugged it to my chest and quickly entered the house, looking around as if I was being watched. I sat on the couch and opened it.  There was another of those fancy letters, this time with a more confusing message. It suggested that the rest of the items had been collected over the course of the last 68 years. Frowning, I examined the scraps and a story seemed to emerge.Someone was trying to send me a message.

Another 226 words added to the saga (click the link to visit the first bit) … more to come. Read if you dare …

2 Comments on “Life\’s Mysteries … Part Two

  1. Two hundred and twenty six words? That’s all you’re giving us? Awww c’mon…that’s hardly more than three (make that two) sips of coffee 🙁 I need more…much more, that’s not even an aperitif. You have us well and truly hooked now, Ms Andree, so feeed us…feeed us 🙂

    1. Life’s mysteries are often an omen … those who read might find themselves subject to a similar fate …:) It’s all about the flash fiction, isn’t it? Soon to come … snippets with images, I think …

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