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VisDare 143: Best Party Ever

\’Emily! Your parents are the best. Ever.\’ Everyone nodded in agreement; once Sally proclaimed anything, it was instant law.Emily blushed. It was her mom\’s idea to invite all the girls in class to the party since Emily was new and had not made any friends. She knew that Sally had come, only to snoop. It made her proud that the girl was impressed.\’Time for cake!\’ Emily\’s mom called from the dining room.Sally crossed her arms, walked over to Emily, and whispered, \’Do we have to? I mean, can\’t we stay here? With him?\’\’Mom! We\’re coming!\’ Emily shouted. \’But we\’re coming back to the family room!\’\"tumblr_ms9gr2ihtp1s14hfgo1_500\"

I think it would be the best party ever if a giraffe were to visit. I mean, think of the conversations you could have — not just about him, but with him! They are, by far, one of the more interesting animals on the planet. Almost alien-like, but that\’s another story. I offer these 109 childhood party words for your enjoyment. Click the photo to visit this week\’s prompt and give us your thoughts.

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  1. That would definitely be a fantastic party. He is beautiful! I do love giraffes. When I worked at the DMT (department of motor transport) we’d leave messages for the truck inspectors when they’d come in. The message would have a phone number (Sydney Taronga Zoo) for them to call Mr. G. Raffe ASAP. Luckily they saw the funny side, but they usually thumped us for our efforts 😀

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