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VisDare 142: Underwhelmed by the Alignment

What\’s that? Sure: The name\’s Hoskins. Tempest Alexander Hoskins, to be precise. Sorry – you didn\’t need the whole name, eh? It seemed relevant, since you wanted to know.I\’d appreciate it if you\’d speak a pinch louder. When the spine severed, the hearing went as well. Ah, that\’s better. If you stay just there, I can catch your voice.You want to know what happened is it? I was simply taking a cup of tea and the morning paper when those pesky lesser moons of Uranus came into alignment above my head. I heard about the possibility on the late news but never thought I\’d be the one over whom they\’d come together.Say again? Why am I so calm? What\’s a fellow to do after all? It\’s happened, hasn\’t it? Onward and upward, I say. No need to get all bent out of shape.Particularly if you already are.

It\’s Weird Wednesday. I won\’t go into all the details except to say that I am not on speaking terms with one of the dogs since before dawn, I had an unexpected and unpleasantly strange text-like conversation this afternoon, a recon mission that I was looking forward to has been postponed, and I\’m terribly overdue for a nap.For these primary reasons, I needed to write for this week\’s VisDare. I offer 150 words to the point in honor of this very strange day. I suspect those moons are laughing above my head, right now. In the meanwhile, click the image above to visit the prompt and add your thoughts.

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