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VisDare 139: Overdressed and Underwarmed

\’Julian, I absolutely hate you.\’ Marvin\’s face was pale with anger. \’Why did you drag me to this dull affair?\’Byron snickered and shifted his feet as his dining jacket rustled in the slight breeze; the music from the next room threatened to pull him away from the two irritated men, but his spats kept him firmly rooted in place.With a roll of the eye, Julian replied. \’Byron, I find nothing amusing here. And Marvin, you best watch your tone and toward whom you point it. This was Persephone. She told Byron, who told us both. Dinner dress, she said. How was I supposed to know she was having fast food?\’\"ballon-dressing\"

Oh please be sure to click on the image to visit this week\’s prompt! The other posts are fabulous and I am happy to add my 112 words to the bunch.

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  1. LOL what a great take on the photo prompt. Never would have thought of that tale although my mind did wander in another direction.

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