DIYMFA QOTW #8: Juicy, Delicious Resistance

\"AtGuess what? Writer\’s block doesn\’t exist.You might be wondering how that is so, given the lovely image above. Firstly, that\’s not a block — it\’s a boulder. You\’re welcome.This week, Gabriela smacked us with a great piece of info:

\”writer\’s block\” does not exist. It\’s an excuse lazy people tell themselves to justify not writing.

Word! She follows with this:

When you are actively trying to write but nothing comes out, it\’s called resistance and that is a totally different beast.

How\’s that? Potentially terrifying would be an appropriate answer. \’But, Gabriela,\’ you begin. \’How can I write if I am experiencing resistance? It\’s like I\’m already pushing a boulder uphill and Writing is pushing back. I\’ll never get anywhere!\’Have no fear. Here\’s Gabriela\’s answer:

When resistance rears it\’s ugly head around our writing, we need to break through that fear, take a leap of faith, and try something outside our comfort zone. Think of that resistance as a compass pointing you to the juicy material, the high-stakes projects that really matter.

Boom! That\’s right — Writing isn\’t stopping you. Writing is pointing you to the juicy bits.Here\’s my tip of the week: tap into your Borg personality. If you aren\’t a Star Trek fan, get initiated. Here\’s a snippet to help out: Borg are a combination of mechanical and organic; they take over every planet they encounter and add the inhabitants to their collective. The tagline: \’Resistance is futile\’:https://youtu.be/WZEJ4OJTgg8Now that you know, get going. Push that boulder.Tell Writing that Resistance is Futile.Assimilate Writing into your mental collective.Get to the juicy bits.If you need more inspiration, click the image below and join the DIYMFA crew …

2 Comments on “DIYMFA QOTW #8: Juicy, Delicious Resistance

  1. I’m not sure if I agree with Gabriela…about resistance I mean. I find that I have no resistance. I’m constantly tired and in pain. When I face a “mental block,” there is nothing I can do. I need to step away for there is nothing I can do 🙁

    1. Yes, Lyn — I think that is very different. If we have something that requires us to step away from writing (family, work, or physical or health obligations), those bits are not what I would consider resistance. If we use excuses to not write (oh, I’ve got hours on end to go shopping but can’t spend a half hour writing …), we should look at such as potential resistance. Just my take.

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