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VisDare 135: On The Block

\’Whoever said slavery wasn\’t a good thing might have gotten it slightly wrong.\’I couldn\’t believe what I was hearing and tried not to let the upset show on my face. \’What do you mean?\’The man turned and blushed slightly as his eyes took in my brown skin. \’What I mean is, making people do what you want is definitely wrong.\’ He paused to smile, showing a row of small, even, and blindingly white teeth that made my arms prickle with fear. \’But you\’ve got to admit, not having to work hard has its advantages.\’I blinked to break the connection as he looked deeply into my eyes. Before I could say anything, the auctionneer began: \’A fine lot of androids today! These little beauties will make a great workforce for some lucky man or woman! Clean house, mow the lawn, care for the kids, you name it!\’

For some reason, the image made me think of the WGN television series, Underground. In that vein, I offer these 149 words in honor of those who gave their lives (and continue to do so — let us not forget that forms of indentured service still exist, as does the forced sex trade) in unwilling servitude.

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  1. And sometimes even in the most civilised homes where the husband snaps his fingers to let his “little woman” know he’d like a cup of coffee.

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