DIYMFA Question of the Week 4: Up, Up, and Away!

Surprise! You thought this post was going to be about Superman, didn\’t you?Well it is. Sort of.Note the lovely image and link above. This week, our Queen Word Nerd (QWN) asked us to discuss about our writing superpower (and was so kind to develop a quiz to help us discover it). I got the following:

You are the quintessential underdog storyteller and your superpower is creating relate-able characters who have a deep desire to change something in themselves or in the world around them. From rags-to-riches narratives to epic David-and-Goliath-style battles you craft stories with high stakes and compelling characters your readers can’t help but love.

How incredibly fabulous is that?\"WritingAnd as if this wasn\’t enough wisdom, the QWN added this little nugget:

The life of a writer is often fraught with rejection and criticism. There are too many people telling us what we shouldn\’t do in our stories or what\’s wrong with our work. This week is about taking the time to acknowledge [and] celebrate our strengths.

Exactly.Why can\’t I have a human woman get pregnant by her android husband? (I did that in a story)Is there something wrong with the ghost of a homeless man washing his clothes at the local laundrette? (I had that happen as well)But underdogs – yes! If I get bored by stories with bland characters, why would I want to write them? The world in my mind is quite technicolor and hopefully, my writing follows suit.Now, to just make more time to put quill to papyrus again … soon, my Cavelings … soon …Hey — wanna join the Superhero Writing Team? Well, this is pretty close. Check out the Storytelling Superpower Summit (Pssst! It\’s free!).

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