Camp Transformation Update: Week 2!

How about that — three posts in one day, including this one about my exercise experience!I was too sore to post an update last week. Don\’t judge.Here\’s a recap:If you are a regular visitor, you\’ll note that I mentioned I would be starting at Camp Transformation for a six-week boot camp. All went well, I am happy to report. However, I broke out two Mondays ago as if I\’d been exercising every day, all day. I almost passed out.Fortunately, Derek, the trainer (whom I have now dubbed \’Dr. Derek\’) pointed out that some folks can\’t tolerate a protein shake prior to working out, which is what I had done. I like early mornings but need something to eat when I get up (I\’m one of those whose stomach is growling as the alarm goes off) so I switched up and have a meal about an hour before doing the workout. Wonders, I tell you!So things went along swimmingly until Friday last, when my knees (the primary part of my body that remembered none of the other parts are young or in shape) decided to go on protest. They were swollen and achy, so I reached out to my fellow Camp colleagues for tips. A few hours of icing later and I could walk without making faces. I guess you figured that I made a note: do not repeat such strenuous activity next week …Fast forward to Monday and the start of Week 2. I went in with a different mindset and talked to each day\’s trainer to find out what modifications I could make to prevent another weekend spent with ice packs and propped up legs. It\’s Thursday and I feel quite good. I left six pounds behind last week and would love to see an equally fabulous reading on the scale come Monday next, but if things hold as they have for me when I\’ve dieted, the second week is typically depressing. I will be happy with two or three pounds this week, which would put me at eight or nine total, which in turn gets me close to the half-way point (20 pounds across six weeks).So glad I didn\’t get rid of my New Balances last year :)More as it occurs!

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  1. Well done you!! I completely understand about the knees. I wish they could find some way of injecting new cartilage between the knee joints, I’d be first in line. Slow release morphine is wonderful for easing pain, but it plays havoc with the ability to think and write creatively 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! It’s good, even when it doesn’t feel like it 🙂 In just these few days I feel a difference and have much more energy (endorphins!) afterward.

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