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VisDare 133: The Science of Disguise

\’Can you see anything?\’ The question came out muffled.\’Sh!\’ Harvey hissed. His jowls were perfect for talking without anyone noticing. \’I don\’t know why I\’m doing this for you. I mean, what if she falls for me instead of you?\’\’I have a plan.\’Harvey sniffed. \’You would treat me like Snuggles and Mr. Jo-Jo?\’\’They sacrif — I mean, they volunteered.\’\’To become half hampster, half chimpanzee? How\’d that work out for them? One hates bananas and the other hates pellet food.\’ A woman turned the corner. \’I think she\’s coming,\’ he said.\’Is her head and face covered?\’\’Yes, but that scent. What is it?\’ Harvey was intrigued. The woman stopped and looked him in the eye. She opened the covering and Harvey stared into the eyes of a shapely woman with a Bloodhound face.\’Excuse me, Frank?\’Harvey said under his breath, \’I think we\’re in love.\’\"tumblr_npoi3dF6O61r4c8nso1_1280\"

Our humble host suggested this week would take a lighter turn, so I offer these 150 words for the prompt. Gives new meaning to the term \’dog person\’, doesn\’t it? Click the photo to visit the prompt and add your thoughts.

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