The Hidden Realm

I was dreaming:

I was in a park. Members of our church worship team were about to play, but the one young woman who was about to sing shouldn\’t have been there. She just had a baby in the Visible Realm three days ago, yet there she was, looking like she did before she was ever pregnant. She was smiling and looked thrilled to be with the rest of the team. My Christopher was there and I was worried because he looked like he did before he Left for the Great Beyond. I knew he was in no shape to be on a stage playing instruments and the fact that he only had the timbales did little to relieve my concern. He played for just a short while but hard enough to break a stick. He was tired. He left the drums as the rest of the team cheered and sang happily. He smiled and seemed to be looking for a place to sit. I couldn\’t get to him to help. 

The scene changed and my Christopher and I were in a different area of what seemed to be the same park. There was a man there and we were trying to take him to a safe place.

The first thing I noticed were his red slingback sandals. His legs were very pale and I couldn\’t tell what color his nail polish was, but the shoes were so very red with a small heel — less than two inches, if I had to guess. It seemed too cold for slingback sandals — I could not feel the ambient temperature but his stance suggested he had not dressed for the weather. His pencil skirt stopped just above the knee. He had his arms wrapped tightly around himself and looked uncomfortable. I could not stop looking at him and eased a little closer. He work a mint green, short sleeved shell with a white lattice top over it. The lattice top was quite lovely and looked embroidered. I wanted to touch it but was afraid to frighten him more.

I said, \’Your top is very nice. May I touch it?\’

He nodded and I reached out, grasping a section near his shoulder between a thumb and forefinger.

I had no sense of touch but knew it felt nice.

He looked me in the eyes and began. \’I thought I loved him. I mean, we dated for a while and then, all of a sudden, he started hitting me. I had to get away.\’

My Christopher nodded his head toward the car, an orange Audi A3, to indicate it was time to go.

I looked at the man and said, \’We better get out of here now. You\’ll be safe, don\’t worry.\’

The man looked relieved. His eyes got large as he glanced at the car. \’I\’ve never ridden in one of these before,\’ he said quietly.

I smiled. \’I have an Audi but not one like this. These are pretty nice, too.\’

He tucked his hand beneath the back of the skirt and carefully climbed in. I was envious since I wished I had half as much grace in a skirt.

Christopher got in the driver\’s side and I opened the passenger door to get in.

That\’s it. I can say that I know where the A3 came from — my dealership posted a photo of a new, orange A3 on Twitter a couple days ago. But the rest? Our church worship team? My Christopher, playing timbales (he had only played his congas maybe once or twice in the past year and the timbales only once if that) and preparing to drive this new little car? And the both of us preparing to rescue a man (whom I\’ve never seen) who was dresssed in red slingback sandals, a short pencil skirt, and a double-layered embroidered blouse and who had been abused by his boyfriend?The colors were vibrant and the sounds were crisp. I had no sense of feeling or smell in this dream, but the rest of it was quite real.A few days ago, I mentioned that I was watching an anime called Shigofumi. I finished it, either the day of that post or the following day and moved on to one called Ghost Hound.\"\"Click the image to read a short summary of the series on Anime News Network. Anyway, the title of this post, the Hidden Realm, comes from Ghost Hound. The idea is that there is a Visible Realm and also a Hidden Realm, where all sorts of things unseen in our day to day lives can be seen.The reality of the dream made me wonder if, in some hidden realm, my Christopher and I team up to organize and act on behalf of the oppressed.Why not? Stranger things have happened.

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  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has crazy, real-as-real-can-be dreams. Some of them are quite adventurous and would make great story lines…if only I could remember more than just a snippet 🙁 I believe the unseen realm (spiritual realm/dream realm?) is very real and we can be forewarned, encouraged or even helped. It’s happened to me on more than one occasion. Regrettably, I’m yet to be given next week’s lotto numbers :/

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