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VisDare 131: The Escaped

The Examiner\’s eyes seemed to move in all directions at once. \’Where is she?\’ He asked, his voice echoing off the empty porcelain tubs that stood guard in the four corners.The Warden cleared his throat. \”We, ah, aren\’t sure, Sir.\’There was a nearly audible sound of gravel as the Examiner\’s head rotated and his Gibraltar-sized body followed. \’Do you mean to tell me that the Escaped has actually lived up to her name?\’ The Warden opened his mouth but before he could answer, the Examiner held up a hand, silencing the thought. \’She always leaves clues.\’ He turned and stepped into the room, the heels of his shoes making loud echoes. \’It\’s here. Look for it and call me when you figure it out.\’ He turned back to face the Warden. \’And if you don\’t, she may reveal her secret to the world.\’


This week\’s prompt is a real photo from a real abandoned place (you know how much I adore abandoned places!). I won\’t tell the story, but suffice it to say that I didn\’t directly add to the topic of dialogue mentioned in my 145 words. Or did I? Click the photo to learn more and to add your thoughts.

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