Get Clothing, Hats, and Bags with Original Art by Christopher

My Christopher was both an artist and musician.What better way to honor those skills than by wearing them?I created Neal One, a storefront that features four of his designs on a number of different items. I invite you to take a look by clicking the image below (which is one of the designs you\’ll find).\"rsz_the_band\"For those outside the UK, please note all prices come up in pounds. However, PayPal and credit cards will convert to your form of payment.

2 Comments on “Get Clothing, Hats, and Bags with Original Art by Christopher

  1. Hi! I tried to buy a tote bag and the shopping cart wouldn’t populate. The designs are lovely! Please shoot out another post or message when it’s fixed. I would love to buy one and support Christopher’s artistic talent! 🙂

    1. Hi, Nina – I didn’t see any problem on my side … as a customer I was able to put every item in my cart 🙁 I did have to click more than once on one of the totes, though. If you still have trouble, please use the ‘Help’ link and ‘Contact Us’ (selecting Clothes2Order as who to send the query to) at the top of the page.

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