Behold, The Red Giant

Feel the breeze that

rustles the leaves of the trees

and runs across the plain

chasing the herd,

leading the people

toward life.

Behold the Lore that lives to

teach the love of land and people.

Feel the loss of leaves and trees,

no more running and chasing across

the plain that is dry and void

as the people now cross the void

of space to take up new space.

Behold the red giant that robs

the people of the love of their land.

But no:

The Lore lives and breathes life

through the passed down


and fights for the future

foretold by the rustle of the

leaves of the trees

and the long-ago sound of

herds and people

that will be

that always was

that still is,

somewhere beyond the red giant.

I haven\’t done any sort of poetry in a while but this offering is the result of an exercise during today\’s @voodoonauts workshop.

Behold, The Red Giant is (part of) the plot for my current work in progress.

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